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Shadow Visit

Spending a school day at White Pine Elementary or White Pine STEM Academy is, for many, the best part of a new school search. Through a shadow visit, prospective students spend a full day attending classes, meeting students, talking to teachers, and experiencing life as a Cougar. 

What to Expect at your Shadow Visit

Our Shadow Day visits are all day for both the Elementary and the STEM Academy. Class starts at 8:15 am and go till 3:26 pm With the EXCEPTION of Wednesdays which end at 1:39 pm. The STEM Academy has a special event the last Wednesday of the month most months called STEM day where regular classes are not held and special STEM classes are held instead (very fun but busy day). 

Prospective students will sign in at the STEM Building at 8:05 am for grades 6-12 or at the checkout desk at the Elementary School at 8:05 am for grades 1-5. 

Prospective students will be assigned a current student to shadow for the day. Prospective students will attend all classes with the current student they are shadowing. Prospective students are not required to do any prework before attending but should still come prepared to learn. Lunch will be provided for prospective students but should bring a water bottle with them to fill up throughout the day. At the end of the day around 3:26 pm with the exception of Wednesdays being at 1:39 Prospective students will check out where they checked in and wait for parents to pick them up.

Schedule a Shadow Visit (GRADES 4-12)

We are now scheduling shadow visits! If you would like to plan a shadow visit, fill out the form below. If you simply want to take a tour of our school, please contact Heather Smith, our Community Outreach Coordinator, and she will help get a time scheduled.

Shadow Day