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Kindergarten 2023-2024

Please be aware: The State of Idaho requires that your child be 5 years old by September 1st of the year they start kindergarten (please refer to Idaho Code Statute 33-201). Proof of birth date is required prior to enrolling.

We are excited about some changes coming for next school year designed to offer stronger academic and formative experiences as part of the White Pine educational system. The changes for next year have been discussed and imagined at length with various stakeholder groups including administrators, teachers, parents, board members, and the City of Ammon.


To begin recognizing the value and importance of how kindergarten prepares children for elementary school as well as endeavoring to be responsive to the needs of our community - White Pine is offering 3 full-day Kindergarten classes, free of charge, to families electing to attend our school. White Pine Kindergarten develops some of the critical foundational building blocks necessary for students to move seamlessly into the elementary school Core Knowledge educational platform that has proven to be highly effective as the curriculum for our students for nearly 15 years. The primary objectives for the Kindergarten, during full-day programming, will be to address the key educational elements of Core Knowledge during the first part, allowing for the second part to address the less data-driven components of whole student formation. This sectioning of the educational experience will allow for metric-driven instruction to occur when students are most capable of receiving it, in the morning, as well as a second part of the day that supports those times when students/families may have appointments, other engagements, or simply prefer to abbreviate their child’s day/experience at White Pine.

Please use this link see more details about full-day Kindergarten at White Pine - WPCS Full-day Kindergarten, and/or reach out to our office with any questions.