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Our Mission

Success for Every Student


To create a dynamic and challenging educational institution with high academic standards, which provides all students opportunities to develop into motivated learners, analytical thinkers, and competent leaders.

To effectively utilize research-based practices and provide a progressive learning environment, which maximizes individual student achievement.

To practice a positive and compassionate teaching environment in which educators communicate, share, and grow in a professional learning community focusing on unlimited potential for all students and educators.


The school seeks to develop an educated citizen for the 21st Century through an accelerated, dynamic, sequential, and interactive academic program where pacing is driven by student capabilities, not textbooks. The students will be asked to develop personal habits and attitudes that lead to accepting responsibility for personal decisions and actions, academic honesty, and the ability to face challenges with courage and integrity. They will be asked to work cooperatively with others. Students will learn about a healthy lifestyle, show empathy and courtesy for others, and a respect for differences among people and cultures. They will develop self-confidence and willingness to risk setbacks in order to learn.

Foundational Pillars of White Pine


White Pine promotes and supports through quality educational experiences a challenging, engaging, and rigorous curriculum intended to provide students with the knowledge necessary to contribute to the larger community and with an eye toward post-secondary preparation.


White Pine promotes and expects its students to respect, tolerate, and positively engage with others both within the bounds of the school as well as in their communities on their own time.


White Pine understands that emotional development is distinct and personal and integral to the development of confident and successful students.


White Pine supports the importance of a healthy and substance free lifestyle.