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School Counselor

Danielle Swenson

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I grew up in Pocatello and attended Idaho State University for my bachelor's in Social Work. After working with adults and children with disabilities and teaching English in Taiwan I knew I wanted to continue working in education while utilizing my social work background. That's when I decided to get my Master's in Social Work from Idaho State University so I could be a school counselor. The 22-23 school year is my third year with White Pine. I love it here! When I'm not at school I like to read for my book club, spend time outdoors- walking my dog and kayaking, going to thrift shops, and traveling.

Special Ed Teacher (PT)

Marni Davis

WPSA History Teacher

Adam Wilson

WPSA Language Arts Teacher

Kaitlyn Gray

WPSA Language Arts Teacher

Jennifer Pickett

WPSA Math Teacher

Jennifer Pack

WPSA History Teacher

Travis Pizinger

WPSA Science Teacher

Jentry Magnusson

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I studied Chemistry Education at BYU-Idaho before transferring to Western Governors University. I am an enthusiastic and dedicated first-year teacher who will bring my love for Taylor Swift, Harry Potter, and a myriad of creative hobbies to the classroom. I have passion for knitting, crocheting, and baking, I try to seamlessly weaves my artistic talents into the world of science education. As a science teacher, I am driven by a deep desire to ignite a passion for scientific discovery in my students. I try to foster an environment where students are inspired to explore, question, and learn.

Middle School Teacher

JoAnne Hall

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I’m originally from Edmonton Alberta, Canada. My family and I moved here 2 years ago from Rockville Maryland, where I taught in the Archdiocese of Washington DC, computers for 33 years. Being in such a small school I wore many hats. From Admin, lunch and aftercare supervisor to scheduler and all-around tech coordinator. My first years in Idaho Falls I worked at Lincoln High School, but I wasn’t teaching and missed it. I was very excited when I was asked to teach here at White Pine STEM because I LOVE teaching and especially in a small school/community like this one. This was my first year here at White Pine STEM. I love the atmosphere and the close community. From the time I was a little girl, I have always wanted to be a teacher. I come from a long line of teachers. My Dad, 2 sisters, a brother and 2 of my grandparents all taught. My husband and I have been married for 45 years. We have 2 daughters and 2 grandsons. I love the outdoors, hiking, camping, biking and being with my family doing whatever they are doing. Favorite food would be Mexican. I guess my hobby would be cleaning my house and yard. I love to clean and organize anything.

High School Teacher

Kaleala Leavell

Middle School Teacher

Lawrence Nai

Middle School Teacher

Rachelle Paxman

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5 years teaching 4-6th grade. Loves volleyball, soccer and video games.

Special Education Coordinator

Adrienne Seamans

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Mrs. Seamans has served White Pine in various capacities for 8 years, starting when her eldest son started at White Pine in kindergarten. She is currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Idaho studying special education with an emphasis in Autism Spectrum Disorder and other related disabilities. She is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) and a licensed master's level social worker. She was recently elected as the Vice-President for the Idaho Chapter for the Council on Exceptional Children and is serving her second term as a Governor appointed parent member of the Idaho Council on Developmental Disabilities. She has three children who all attend at White Pine with one on an IEP and another on a Section 504 Plan so she has the unique experience of knowing what it is like to sit on both sides of the desk. She strongly believes in students being an important part of the IEP and 504 process and loves watching them each grow and succeed.

Special Education Teacher

Anna Norviel

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Ms. Norviel graduated with a B.A. in Political Science in 2012. Soon after she began volunteering in her children's school and fell in love with helping kids learn to read. She quickly began working on her teaching certification. In 2016 she came to White Pine to teach first grade, which is where she has spent the last 7 years. This past year, she was Awarded the Milken Educator Award. She is currently earning a Master's degree in Special Education.

Ms. Norviel likes to camp and spend time in the mountains. She enjoys starry nights near a camp fire and often likes to poke the fire with sticks. She especially enjoys spending time in the mountains with her 3 boys, who make camping extra adventurous.

HI Specialist

Ben Brizzee

HI Para

Wendy Delgado

HI Para

Adam Lamb

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I love STEM and WP's curriculum. My kiddos have been here at WP since Kindergarten seven years ago. I've been working at WP for three years. I love gardening, hiking, camping and gaming. Love good food, good music and good conversation. My favorite thing being at WP is learning from the students and helping them succeed.

HI Para

Shantele Vetch

Remediation para - WPSA

Elizabeth Grigsby

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I have been with the STEM for almost three years now. I am originally from Lancaster Pennsylvania. I moved here because I am also a student in college. I have four kids two live here one is a student at the Charter. My older children still live in PA. My favorite hobbies are singing and traveling. My favorite foods are original Philly Cheesesteaks with wiz and sweet peppers. The things I love most about working here are getting to know our students and helping them. I enjoy being able to make them think outside the box and giving them a challenge. Our Staff is amazing here and they make it feel like we are one big family. For someone who has little family here it is amazing to have that support system here. This school is not like any other that I have ever worked in before and they set the bar high so that all of us, staff and students will continue to stride to reach our full potential.


Allyson Adams


Coral Nai


Alexis Benson


Robert Brooks

Administrative Assistant

Julianne Humphreys

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I have 3 wonderful boys that make life interesting. I love to garden, do woodworking projects and little crafts. I love working at White Pine and being able to get to know all of the students. It is a fun and exciting place to be.

Custodian/Maintenance - Assist Mngr

Derek Rawson

Community Outreach Coordinator

Heather Smith

STEM Academy Assistant Food Service Manager

Haley Cushman

Central Office Staff


Mark Olsen

Vice Principal

Alysa Trust

Director of Schools

Ron Cote

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I have loved every minute of my more than two decades in education. Starting as a teacher in a private high school in NH where eventually I became department chair then administrator has allowed me to bring a myriad of experiences and ideas that I hope will benefit this very special place - White Pine - that in June of 2021 I began calling home.

With a BA in Fine Arts and certification in Art Education k-12 and an M.Ed. in Educational Leadership I am privileged to have worked in both teaching and leadership capacities in the top school in NH and now bring an ambition for excellence and high standards to White Pine where I am fortunate to work with some of the best faculty and staff in East Idaho.

I am brought to East Idaho by my two daughters one of whom permanently resides in Ucon and the other who is living in Utah. With family being the most important facet of my life I am blessed to be near them as they are starting their own adult lives and families.

My free time is enjoyed with my wife as we continue to explore this beautiful area in taking road trips, hiking, camping, and horseback riding in the mountains. We also enjoy traveling back east to see family and friends.

To those in this beloved White Pine community - thank you for being part of something wonderful and for supporting our drive to define 'success for every student' in a partnership with home.

Director of Finance/Operations

Jamie Toop

director of food services

Dareta Georgeson

District Admin Assistant

Kristin Attebury

Operations Manager

Launie Shelman

Community Outreach Coordinator

Heather Smith