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School Counselor

Danielle Swenson

Special Ed Teacher (PT)

Marni Davis

WPSA History Teacher

Adam Wilson

WPSA Language Arts Teacher

Kaitlyn Gray

WPSA Language Arts Teacher

Jennifer Pickett

WPSA Math Teacher

Jennifer Pack

WPSA History Teacher

Travis Pizinger

WPSA Science Teacher

Chelsey Dey

WPSA Science Teacher

HI Specialist

Ben Brizzee

Remediation para - WPSA

Elizabeth Grigsby


Robert Brooks

Admin Assist - WPSA

Melissa Smith

Custodian/Maintenance - Assist Mngr

Derek Rawson


Ryan Wilkinson

Custodian WPSA

Dylan Caldwell

WPSA Math Teacher

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Linda worked in the business world for over 10 years before coming a teacher. She loves to use real world examples and actual problems to help the students see the “why” in every lesson and standard. She teaches a personal finance class that is extremely applicable. Linda is a 6th through 12th Grade certified math teacher. She has previous teaching experience in high school and middle school. She enjoys the outdoors with her kids and dogs. She likes canyoneering, rock climbing, hiking, camping, snowboarding and more. She also loves “most things geek: SW, LOTR, HP, Marvel, Firefly and reading a big fat book with a warm, fuzzy blanket”. She likes a variety of food but likes rice crispy treats and ice cream for dessert. Linda’s favorite part of the job is building friendships with her students and helping them realize they not only are good at math and use it daily, but they are living a life they control and get to decide what the future holds for them.

Community Outreach Coordinator

Heather Smith

WPSA Science Teacher (PT)

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Amber has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology Education. She also has a Master of Science degree with an emphasis in education. Amber has 7 years of secondary teaching and 3 years of post-secondary teaching. She enjoys doing crafts in her free time. She likes pizza and French fries. Amber’s favorite part of her job is interacting with her colleagues and doing fun experiments and science investigations with her students.

STEM Academy Assistant Food Service Manager

Haley Cushman

Central Office Staff


Mark Olsen

Assistant Principal

Alysa Trust

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Alysa has a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood and Special Education. She also earned her Master’s degree in Reading and Literacy. She has been teaching for 8 years. She also has 3 years of experience in the after school programs, 4 years on the RTI team and doing social media. In her free time, Alysa enjoys hanging out with her friends and family. Her favorite food is chips and salsa. Alysa’s favorite part of her job are all of her students.

Director of Schools

Ron Cote

Director of Finance/Operations

Jamie Toop

director of food services

Dareta Georgeson

Director of Communications & Marketing

Angel Hoagland

District Admin Assistant

Kristin Attebury

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Kristin manages the front office and basically helps everyone with anything that needs done. She has been with White Pine since the beginning. In her free time, she loves to read. Her favorite food is pasta. Kristin’s favorite part of her job is working with the students.

Operations Manager

Launie Shelman