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“I like how small the classes are and how everybody is so nice from the office staff to teachers. There is a small community feel at White Pine Charter School. The teachers welcome help from parents. They are so willing to work with the students on turning in their homework. Any child can go in for extra help when needed.”

Lynette Barfuss

“White Pine Charter School has been such a blessing in our life. We had bullying issues with my daughter at two different elementary schools. Then were told about WPCS and thank goodness she was chosen out of the lottery in third grade. What a life-changing event it has been. She is a sophomore in high school now after completing the middle school program at White Pine. There were a few amazing teachers that truly helped push and motivate her. To be honest the middle school program was rigorous, but it turned out to be a blessing in the long run. Due to the discipline and structure at White Pine she has A’s in every high school class.”

Cheri Andersen

“We’ve had five children attend White Pine. This is our seventh year being there. We have been very impressed with the dedicated teachers and administration. We have liked how the school adjusts according to the student level. They are there to give extra help or challenge academically, according to the need of the student. We also appreciate the communication between the parents and teachers. Emails or newsletters are set home regularly. White Pine has been a good school for my family.”

Dawn Livingston

“We like that White Pine Charter School offers Spanish, music, gym, art, etc. on a weekly basis. My kids enjoy being able to meet with other classes in their grade and work with multiple people. We love that the teachers work with our kids at their level. They give them assignments catered specifically to them, whether they’re advanced or behind in a subject. There is less lecture and more hands on and imaginative work. We’re very pleased with the academics at this school.”

Heather Talbot

"I have four children that have attended White Pine Charter School. Two of my children are in High School. They were given a wonderful base of knowledge by attending WPCS. I have two students still attending WPCS. One of these students is a child with Autism. WPCS has taken great care of him and his needs. They go above and beyond in helping him to be successful. I appreciate the staff and teachers at WPCS, they work hard to help students feel welcome and loved."

Stacey Barrett

"White Pine Charter School was the answer to our question… how do we find an excellent classroom setting, high academic standards, with a culture and learning environment that gave our kids the best opportunity for success? We had tried private school, home schooling, and WPCS was the answer for both of our children. They continued on through middle school at WPCS and have now successfully transitioned to public high school."

Zak Warren

“We love that White Pine includes the family by hosting a family activity every month and encouraging parents to volunteer in the classroom. We love the activities they do to make learning fun such as the dance parties at carpool drop off. We love that they have art, music, and Spanish. White Pine also takes the time to group students in math and reading to meet their individual needs.”

Rebekah Brinkerhoff

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White Pine Charter School's COVID Plan

To prevent the further spread of COVID-19, WPSA and WPCS will require quarantine protocols that may or may not preclude your student from attending school. Our policies and instructions can be found in our COVID plan.