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Clubs, Athletics, And Student Leadership

Student Leadership



White Pine's Chief Science Officer program offers students the opportunity to take the reins in promoting scientific engagement and innovation! This initiative empowers young leaders to spearhead STEM activities, advocate for science education, and foster a culture of scientific curiosity within our school. Through this program, students gain invaluable leadership skills, collaborate with peers, and make a tangible impact on the scientific landscape of our community.

National Honor Society (NHS) embodies academic excellence, leadership, and service. NHS recognizes and celebrates students who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Membership in the NHS offers students opportunities for personal growth, community engagement, and academic enrichment. Through service projects, leadership development activities, and academic initiatives, NHS members not only excel academically but also make meaningful contributions to our school and community.

White Pine Student Council allows students to take an active role in shaping their educational experience and fostering a vibrant school community! Student Council provides a platform for student leaders to voice their ideas, advocate for their peers, and initiate positive change within the school environment. Through organizing events, addressing student concerns, and collaborating with faculty and administration, Student Council members develop essential leadership skills and contribute to the betterment of our school community.


White Pine’s middle school basketball program cultivates passion, teamwork, and skill on the court. Representing our school among local charter schools, we prioritize individual growth within a cohesive team dynamic. Led by dedicated coaches, we emphasize values like discipline and respect, shaping well-rounded athletes ready for any challenge.

In cross country, the open road because our track and the thrill of the run fuels our spirit! We’re dedicated to fostering  a love for distance running while promoting physical fitness, mental resilience, and camaraderie among our students. As we lace up our shoes and hit the trails, we’re not just training our bodies but also nurturing our determination and perseverance.  Representing our school in mets against other local charter schools, we embrace the challenge with enthusiasm, knowing that every stride brings us closer to our personal best.

White Pine’s volleyball program is where teamwork, skills, and sportsmanship take center stage on the court! Our program is designed to develop players who are not only proficient in the game but also embody the values of dedication, respect, and collaboration. As we spike, set, and serve, we cultivate a supportive environment where every player’s contributions are valued and celebrated.


In collaboration with local RC club volunteers and skilled educators, students will b e guided into the space of aviation. Through immersive experiences, they will delve into the art of constructing and piloting basic airplanes. This hands-on approach intertwines seamlessly with the exploration of flight physics, aerodynamics, and the intricate systems that govern flight control. As young aviators, students will soar beyond the classroom, forging a deep connection with the principles that enable birds and planes to conquer the sky.

Art Club a haven for students seeking to channel their individuality and artistic spirit through the wondrous realm of creative expression. Our mission goes beyond the canvas, as we strive to make a positive impact on our community, school, and beyond by harnessing our unique talents and gifts in innovative ways. Students are encouraged to unfurl their creative wings and embark on a journey of self-discovery and artistic exploration. Through a diverse array of mediums, from paints to clay, our members embrace the chance to shape their love for art into skills that will accompany them throughout their lives.

Get ready to unleash your inner engineer, strategist, and innovator as you dive headfirst into the captivating realm of robotic combat. In this electrifying club, students come together to design, build, and compete with their own custom-built robots in epic battles of wit and skill. Battle Bots is a haven for hands-on learning and creativity, where members work collaboratively to craft formidable robots that can outwit and outmaneuver opponents in the arena. From brainstorming designs to soldering circuits, every step of the process ignites excitement and fosters valuable skills in engineering, problem-solving, and teamwork. As you engage in fierce competitions, you'll gain insights into mechanics, electronics, and strategic thinking, all while forging friendships that are as unbreakable as the armor of your bots. Are you ready to build, battle, and triumph? Enlist today and join the ranks of the Battle Bots!

The White Pine Book Club invites YOU to build a community of readers with a focus on learning and discussion. All participants can develop a greater understanding and appreciation of various book genres throughout the year by engaging with their fellow classmates. This will help them build richer perspectives than any individual student could gain from reading alone.

If you love books and stories, come ready to share your ideas and thoughts on some fun literature!

Our club is a sanctuary for minds that crave challenge, where chess pieces come to life on the checkered battlefield. Whether you're a grandmaster-in-training or just discovering the intricacies of the game, the Chess Club invites you to be part of a community united by a shared love for strategy and camaraderie. Engage in thrilling matches, sharpen your tactical acumen, and explore the world of openings, gambits, and endgames. As we gather to unravel the mysteries of the sixty-four squares, we not only hone our skills but forge friendships that stand the test of time. Join us in this journey of intellect and camaraderie, where every move is a step toward becoming a chess champion, both on the board and in life.

This club is where young minds transform into digital architects! It's a dynamic playground for elementary students eager to dive into the captivating world of coding and computer science. Through hands-on activities and interactive challenges, our aspiring coders will embark on exciting adventures in logic and problem-solving. Here we foster creativity, hon critical thinking, and nurture teamwork. Our members will learn to speak the language of computers, turning their imaginative ideas into reality with lines of code. Whether you're a coding novice or have already begun your journey, this club offers a supportive environment where everyone can thrive.

Drama Club is tailor-made for inquisitive minds eager to unravel the wonders of theater. Our stage is a canvas for discovery, where students delve into the intricate tapestry of acting, stagecraft, and creative expression. This club becomes a haven for honing acting prowess, constructing captivating sets, and crafting costumes and makeup that transport audiences to realms anew.

Students will discover a sanctuary for self-expression, where feelings take flight, ideas unfurl, and uncharted facets of their being come to light. Nurturing creativity from a young age, the arts become a conduit for channeling emotions, fostering positive outlets that will shape their journey ahead. Through the magic of drama, they refine the art of verbal and nonverbal communication, projecting their voices with conviction, articulating thoughts with eloquence, and mastering the art of persuasive speech.

Welcome to the enthralling realm of Dungeons & Dragons, fondly known as D&D – a tapestry of fantasy, tabletop, and role-playing brilliance. Within this captivating universe, characters embark on extraordinary quests that ignite the fires of imagination. They grapple with dilemmas, clash in epic battles, traverse uncharted landscapes, and amass treasures both material and ethereal. As the uncontested trailblazer in the realm of role-playing games, D&D stands as a pinnacle of immersive storytelling and collaborative creativity. D&D unfurls an immersive tapestry of emotional and intellectual engagement, a theater where learning and growth coalesce as players become protagonists in an unfolding saga. Seamlessly melding with the tapestry of mathematics and literature, D&D imparts the subtle elegance of numeracy and literacy skills, fostering camaraderie through teamwork and the art of shared narratives.  This interactive odyssey is a crucible for empathy, a space where players don new perspectives and traverse the landscapes of other minds.

Esports is competitive, organized gaming. White Pine partners with the MSEL to bring seamless, easy, and rewarding competitions to our school. It encourages communication and coordination amongst student athletes. The MSEL offers scholarships to help students pay for college. Esports is a booming industry. Many job opportunities besides being a pro player are being created. Esports teaches participants many relevant skills, such as streaming, production, programming and management.

Girls Who Code is a program whose mission is to close the gender gap in tech. They believe in being brave, resilient, persistent and ambitious. Students will learn that diverse ability, culture, identity and opinion make our world stronger. This club is not only preparing our girls to enter the workforce, but to lead it, improve it, and transform it. Students in this club will explore coding in a fun and friendly environment. They will have the chance to participate in many projects done in a variety of formats such as Chatbot, Game Designing, Interactive Art, App creations, Wearable Tech and website creations.

Prepare to unlock the world of numerical prowess through MathCounts, a prestigious nationwide middle school mathematics competition. Within this mathematical odyssey, the Competition Series unfurls its grand tapestry across four tiers of challenge—school, chapter, state, and national. Each tier unveils a symphony of four rounds: the exhilarating Sprint, the precision-demanding Target, the team-oriented Team round, and the adrenaline-pumping Countdown Round. As you traverse these tiers and rounds, you embark on a journey that, in its entirety, paints a mosaic of mathematical brilliance, designed to weave a tapestry of discovery, strategy, and intellectual delight over the span of approximately three engaging hours.

This is an immersive experience designed for students from Kindergarten to 5th grade. Step into a world where wellness takes center stage through the transformative practices of yoga, guided breathing techniques, and engaging mindfulness activities. When the sun smiles upon us, we venture outdoors for exhilarating games like kickball, fostering teamwork and laughter amidst the fresh air. Through this carefully crafted journey, we champion the synergy of physical and mental well-being, empowering our students to flourish both in body and mind. Join us in embracing a holistic approach to health that will resonate for a lifetime.

Through playful melodies and rhythmic beats, our skilled instructors will guide budding talents in honing their musical prowess. From the gentle melodies of the recorder to the lively strums of the ukulele, members will learn to create captivating tunes while fostering a deep appreciation for the art of music. Join us as we pluck the strings of imagination and blow the winds of melody, all while forging friendships and building skills that will last a lifetime.

White Pine’s Pep Squad is where spirit, energy, and unity ignite the crowd and fuel our school pride! As members of our dynamic squad, our students are ambassadors of enthusiasm, dedicated to rallying support for our teams and fostering a vibrant school community. Through spirited cheers and infectious energy, we elevate the atmosphere at games and events, inspiring our fellow students to cheer louder and stand prouder.

Come learn how to make your individual podcast while working on the school podcast, Cougar Cast, and the White Pine YouTube channel!  The Cougar Cast will serve as a platform to announce significant updates and upcoming events within the academy. Secondly, it will facilitate interactions with the local community, mentors, and leaders in the STEM industry. Additionally, the podcast will provide opportunities for students and teachers to share their experiences and perspectives. We need tech support and editors; We need personalities; We need writers and organizers!

White Pine’s Robotics program uses Botball. The Botball® Educational Robotics Program engages  students in a team-oriented robotics competition, and serves as a perfect way to meet today’s new common core standards. By exposing students to an inquiry-based, learn-by-doing activity that appeals to their hearts as well as their minds, Botball addresses our nation’s need for a well-prepared, creative, yet disciplined workforce with leadership and teamwork experience. Students develop sophisticated strategies using artificial intelligence with embedded systems. This club prepares students to transfer and apply information and skills in a meaningful way. They design, build and document robots using science, engineering, technology, math and language arts skills in a collaborative, hands-on project that reinforces their learning.

Dive into the world of innovation with SeaPerch, an exceptional underwater robotics initiative that empowers educators and students alike to build Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs). Whether within the school's confines or beyond, this program extends a wealth of resources, fostering the creation of underwater marvels. Seamlessly merging technology and education, SeaPerch offers students a captivating gateway to the realms of robotics, engineering, science, and mathematics. This club is exclusively designed for serious participants only.

Science Olympiad functions much like a football or soccer team, requiring preparation, commitment, coaching and practice throughout the year. Science Olympiad competitions are like academic track meets, consisting of a series of 23 team events in each division (Division B is middle school; Division C is high school). Each year, a portion of the events are rotated to reflect the ever-changing nature of genetics, earth science, chemistry, anatomy, physics, geology, mechanical engineering and technology. By combining events from all disciplines, Science Olympiad encourages a wide cross-section of students to get involved. Emphasis is placed on active, hands-on group participation. Through the Science Olympiad, students, teachers, parents, principals and business leaders bond together and work toward a shared goal. Teamwork is a required skill in most scientific careers today, and Science Olympiad encourages group learning by designing events that forge alliances.

White Pine partners with Kelly Canyon to take the upper elementary students skiing during the months of January and February. This is for anyone who wants to learn to ski, at all skill levels.

The Skittles Club is a haven of inclusivity and compassion that intertwines service and learning in a harmonious blend. Within our vibrant community, we embark on a journey of both giving back to others and delving into the realm of social and emotional well-being. Guided by the principles of love and acceptance, the Skittles Club becomes a platform for the youth to shape the very fabric of our school's environment, cultivating a sense of belonging and addressing issues of inequality head-on. With a focus on creating a more harmonious and accepting campus, our club is driven by a powerful mission: to orchestrate campus-wide events that celebrate marginalized groups and foster a sense of unity that transcends boundaries. Through these endeavors, we aim to diminish the shadows of bullying and elevate the light of acceptance.  Join us as we paint our school with the vibrant hues of compassion, respect, and understanding.

Through a dynamic blend of interactive experiences, students are empowered to delve into real-world issues that resonate across the global stage. Our engaging curriculum intertwines the art of coding with the exciting world of drones, enabling participants to soar into the realms of technology and innovation. Our young visionaries are also mastering the art of 3D printing, unlocking the potential to innovate and troubleshoot with creativity. We will  ignite unbridled curiosity and passion for STEM subjects and careers.