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White Pine Charter School Capital Campaign

Empower the Innovators of Tomorrow

We’re thrilled to announce our ambitious $5 million Capital Campaign to expand and enhance White Pine Charter School. This initiative will propel us into the future of STEM education, ensuring our facilities match the innovative spirit of our students.

Our Expansion

Building for the Future

New STEM Academy Building:
  • Size and Scope: Our new building will cover approximately 33,000 square feet with facilities tailored for grades 6-12.
  • Features: This includes 13 new classrooms, a modern gymnasium, a library/tech lab, a Maker Space, and a student services area.
Enhanced Existing Facilities:
  • Elementary School Upgrades: Significant improvements include an expanded kitchen, updated playgrounds, new flooring, and fresh exterior paint to match the new STEM Academy.

Empower Innovation and Community Through Your Support

Classroom Technology Upgrades

Fuel young minds with the tools for discovery. Your contributions will bring cutting-edge technology to every classroom, enabling a future of boundless learning.

Sports and Arts Facilities

Build more than skills; build dreams. Your donation helps construct new sports courts and revitalize arts spaces, creating a sanctuary for every aspiration.

Community Spaces Renewal

Elevate the heart of our school. With your help, we'll transform common areas into vibrant spaces for collaboration, celebration, and connection.

Strategic Financial Growth

Invest in long-term excellence. Your support extends to managing financial commitments, ensuring a legacy of innovation and quality education.

Naming Opportunities and Recognition

Become a part of our school’s legacy through various naming opportunities. Contributions can be directed towards specific facilities, with options ranging from naming a classroom or gym to sponsoring new athletic fields.


A: Funds are allocated for building new facilities, enhancing existing structures, and supporting our school’s financial sustainability through bond management and salary improvements for staff.

A: Yes, donations over $50,000 can be spread over three to five years, providing flexibility for our major supporters.

A: Absolutely! We offer naming rights for various parts of our new and updated facilities. It’s a meaningful way to leave a lasting legacy.

A: Donors not only contribute to the structural and educational enhancements of our school but also benefit from potential tax deductions as a 501(c)(3) organization. Moreover, donors gain recognition for their contributions and the satisfaction of making a significant impact in the community.