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White Pine Charter School Announces New STEM Academy and State-of-the-Art Facility

White Pine Charter School - entering its 20th year as a premiere charter school focused on whole student development through a two pronged approach to learning that includes strong academics and personal formation - is excited to announce the anticipated fall 2024 opening of its new grades 6-12 STEM Academy campus. Started nearly four years ago and graduating its first class of high school seniors this spring, White Pine’s STEM Academy success will soon be enhanced and supported by what Bouma USA will soon begin construction on - the White Pine STEM Academy new permanent location which will be directly adjacent to the White Pine Charter School elementary building. Building plans include: a new gymnasium, classrooms for the STEM Academy’s middle school and high school, a maker/tech space, new lockers, soccer field, and much more. With the construction of the new school will also come some improvements to the existing elementary school including the following: an improved kitchen for student food services, improved functionality of the cafeteria space, an improved teacher work space, and an entirely new reception/office intended to keep our building more secure and students, faculty and staff safe.

With an emphasis on STEM and a rigorous curriculum coupled with individual formation, the new STEM Academy building will significantly enhance White Pine’s capacity to develop today's students through an education that intends to over prepare for next steps - college and career. In a rich tech environment like East Idaho, White Pine engages the community in building opportunities designed to capitalize on outreach to the various science and tech companies that have become our partners in education with ties that are local and growing. Proudly wearing the badge of recognition in being the Post Register Reader’s Choice Best School, White Pine is providing an exemplary experience to the deserving students of the greater Idaho Falls area.

With construction of the new STEM Academy and improvements to the current elementary school beginning this summer, the current lottery for 2023/2024 school year enrollment will be competitive with families seeking admission now to guarantee admission in the following years and in the new facility. Information on applying can be found at