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State Department of Education Interviews White Pine due to Kindergarten Literacy Successes

[Ammon, Idaho] — On Wednesday, September 27th, 2023, the State Department of Education conducted interviews with key figures from White Pine's educational community, seeking insights into their remarkable Kindergarten literacy successes. The interviewees included Ms. Ashley Schmitt, Ms. Alysa Trust, and Mr. Geoff Stubbs.


Tita Gusmao, a representative from the State Department of Education, engaged in detailed discussions with the White Pine educators to understand the unique strategies that have contributed to their exceptional Kindergarten literacy program. The discussions encompassed topics such as overcoming the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, effective classroom management, strategies for motivating young students, and the key factors underpinning the program's significant success.


White Pine's Kindergarten literacy program garnered attention due to its Kindergarten scores consistently surpassing the state average. As a part of a broader initiative, the State Department of Education is conducting a case study aimed at identifying common best practices in Kindergarten English Language Arts (ELA) instruction and intervention. This effort aligns with their goal to share these valuable insights with other educational institutions and districts.


The selection of White Pine for this interview was based on their outstanding growth from fall to spring in the 2022-23 academic year, as indicated by preliminary data. The state is eager to uncover the methods and strategies that have propelled White Pine to such significant achievements in Kindergarten literacy.


Tita Gusmao, the interviewer, recorded the conversations with Ms. Ashley Schmitt, Ms. Alysa Trust, and Mr. Geoff Stubbs to capture the highlights and nuances of their discussion. This information will be instrumental in shaping the final report, which will be shared with educators and institutions across the state to enhance the quality of Kindergarten ELA instruction and intervention.


The White Pine community is excited to be part of this educational initiative and looks forward to contributing to the improvement of early literacy education in the state. Their dedication to creating a successful Kindergarten program serves as a model for others in the education field.

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About White Pine Charter School:

White Pine Charter School  is a leading educational institution dedicated to providing high-quality education and fostering innovative teaching methods that yield outstanding results. With a focus on early literacy, White Pine has achieved significant success in its Kindergarten program, making it a sought-after source of expertise for educational improvements in the state.