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**Board Election Candidates**


These are your 2018-2019 School Board Candidates. Please read a brief biography about each candidate so you will be ready to vote! Voting will take place online July 6th – July 13th. Each stakeholder will be emailed a link to cast their vote. A stakeholder is parent, guardian or employee of White Pine Charter School.

Director Amber Beck:

I am a Southeast Idaho native. I have been married to my husband an business partner, Travis, for 14 years. We have three children that attend White Pine Charter School. I am a small business owner/entrepreneur with 20 years experience in combined food service, vending and business management. I am also a licensed Realtor serving all of Southeast Idaho.

I have spent time in the Healthcare field as a Certified Nursing Assistant/heart monitor tech. I am an advocate for individuals in the blind and visually impaired community and have spent years researching and working with my husband, who is legally blind, to ensure that the rights of blind and visually impaired business owners and individuals are protected. I have been actively involved in advocating for many different issues on local, state and national levels. I believe that if a person is to be effective in positive change, they have to get involved.

It was an honor to be selected to serve on the WPCS Board of Directors in the Fall of 2015. During my service on the board I was able to: lead the kitchen remodel and enable WPCS to serve hot, fresh breakfast and lunch from our own facility, lead the safety committee where we pushed for locked front doors at our school and continue to work on putting other safety policies and procedures in place, assisted the board in searching for facilities for our high school expansion.  I would love to be re-elected and I am committed to work in carrying on the outstanding culture and mission of WPCS as well as looking toward the future growth of our school, to ensure the best education for every WPCS student.

David Gerritsen

I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and have called Idaho Falls home since 2002. I attended BYU-Idaho and graduated with a degree in History Education with a minor in American Government Education. I am partway to my Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. I have taught for eight years with seven of those in charter schools. I hold certifications in upper and lower Montessori elementary education and am currently completing my Montessori secondary certification. I have four children, three of which will attend White Pine in the fall.

I have been actively involved in all of schools I’ve worked at during my teaching career.  Serving as a teacher liaison to the PFA and chairing several school committees. One of the more notable of these committees was the school accreditation committee which helped the school become certified as a high school.  My hope is that as a school board member I can use my experience as a former charter school teacher to help White Pine in its future endeavors.  I feel my years of teaching experience give me unique insights that can be used in decisions the board makes that will impact the teachers and students in a classroom setting.

I am a firm believer in charter schools, having attended, taught at, and had my own children attend. I believe that White Pine is a great school, and I am thrilled my children can attend!  I want to make sure that White Pine retains its reputation as being the premier charter school in the Idaho Falls area.

Joni Larsen:

Joni Larsen was born and raised in Pocatello, ID. Her parents were both school teachers, so she grew up hearing the good and bad of students, parents, teachers, administrators, and the workings of school districts. She attended Ricks College and BYU-Idaho, receiving both Associate and Bachelor Degrees in Psychology. While attending BYU-I, she met a young Idaho Falls man by the name of Matt Larsen. After playing hard to get, Joni realized just how amazing he was and said yes to his marriage proposals, all 4 of them. Together they’re raising four beautiful children.

Joni has had the opportunity to serve in a variety of job and volunteer positions. She has worked as the manager of both a 50’s diner and then a fun center in Pocatello.  In college, she was the student manager at the University Library.  Then, while moving with her husband for medical school, she was a substitute middle school/high school teacher in Des Moines, Iowa, and then PTO President at an elementary school in Reno, Nevada.

While her husband kept moving the family for training to become a Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, Joni had a chance to see different educational philosophies in action. She also homeschooled her children for one year, has had them in public school, and now a charter school.

In 2015 Joni and her family moved to Idaho Falls, where they have enjoyed getting to know the people and being involved in the community. Joni continues to volunteer in a variety of places. She helped at her children’s former school in the classrooms and workroom. She worked with city officials, District 91 school board, and administration to get paid crossing guards for her neighborhood school. Until crossing guards could be found permanently, she volunteered as a crossing guard, making sure the students arrived safely to school. She is a co-leader in a large Girl Scout Troop that includes girls from kindergarten to high school. She also works with the youth in her church group. She has been a Cub Scout leader, as well. In 2016, she was elected as precinct committee person in her neighborhood, serving in that capacity for two years. Joni and Matt are also involved in the local Suicide Action Prevention Network (SPAN).

Jakob Miller:

For the last 19 years, technology has been my passion and calling. I have a wide range of professional experience while working with Idaho’s K-12 school districts, IBM, Idahoan Foods, Google, Idaho National Laboratory, the Department of Homeland Security and Melaleuca. My current role as Melaleuca’s cybersecurity manager has me protecting the infrastructure of a $2 billion company from hackers all over the globe. When I was 15 years old, my high school in Jerome was granted computers by the Albertsons Foundation in an experiment to see if technology could enhance the learning experience. I often reflect upon the value of developing technical skills and think how different my life would be if not for that STEM-focused experiment.

Recently, I was chatting with my work colleague, Tony Lima, who currently chairs White Pine Charter School’s board of directors. He told me about White Pine’s strong record of academic success, its proud heritage as a leading charter school and its immediate plans to expand into a STEM-focused high school. Right away, I was intrigued by the opportunity to give back and lend my expertise as the school focuses on building a STEM-based high school. This could be a tremendous resource for the entire community, for local industry, for the students at White Pine Charter School, and for my own family.

I hope to use my professional experiences as a board member at White Pine Charter School to advance its goal of creating this new high school. I know what real-world companies need in the workforce, and I would bring that insight to the table. I believe my background and connections in technology, computer science, cybersecurity and more would be helpful to the White Pine cause. There is no reason why we can’t build a true world-class STEM program in Idaho Falls, and I want to be a part of it!


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